Friday, February 18, 2011

I FEEL LIKE Chickenteriyaki TONIGHT!

Friday is here! Looking forward to having some Kati rolls with my friends for lunch later today. Yum Yum!

Well, this past week we took a trip to the grocery store on a whim and it had me picking up a few versatile veggies and meats to whip something up. I had the whole week planned, but as unexpected things are bound to happen,  it was time for a little improv. It's all about being resourceful in this life, folks. :)

On the menu a couple of days ago was the proverbial dwenjang jiggae, a korean fermented bean based soup. It takes things like a meat, potatoes, onions, tofu, jalepeno for some heat, green onions and zucchini. Pretty common dish to make so I won't go into that, but I found some fun zucchini at the supermarket. They're tiny!

*angel choir music* Into the cart! 

I remember a few entries back, zucchini's were made into fries and they were "fun". We named them Zookini Fries. These little munchers are pretty fun too! Have you ever seen such a small zucchini? Ladies and gentleman...return of the Zookini!

Well and right next to the Zookini were little mini squash! Here they are in comparison to the onion.

*angel choir music* Into the cart! 

Never seen this either, but chopped half and put them into the soup. These actuall taste a little sweeter than the normal-sized zucchini and squashes. Half are left for some experimenting.

So awesoooooome!! :)

And last night's dinner was a simple teriyaki chicken made with chicken tenders. Using chicken tenders cuts down the prep and cook time and on a weekday... it rocks my world! I've been putting a little more veggies than dishes call for. It's really important to diversify as much fruits and vegetables as we can to get alllll different sorts of nutrients. Now any kind of veggie can't be added, but it really has to make some kind of sense in the flavor. Onions, green onions, carrots, garlic and mushroom made sense for chicken teriyaki. The onions were an inspiration from a lunch I had with a friend. We had some burgers and the cut the onions really thick. If you want to imagine how thick it was, they took a whole onion peeled and cut it three times across the onion into rings. On top of that, they were deliciously caramelized.

Why not add it to teriyaki? It'd make some sense, right? Onions... chicken teriyaki? It also needed a pop color so the beta carotene filled carrots added to the visual appetite of the dish as well as nutritional value. On the side, were some shanghai tips with some garlic, oyster sauce and tossed in with about half a diced jalepeno. The jalepeno was the push for more veggies (and because the store sells them only in pkgs of about 10 and the needed to be used!). Some spice is nice and doesn't disrupt the dish.

So here it is in all it's ordinary-weekday-fortified mealness!

Here is the onion inspiration. So beautiful...

Buon Appetito!


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