Sunday, February 13, 2011


A new experiement for the Valentine's day weekend!
What other common good has been so successfully marketed for this holiday, but  chocolate?
 Okay, you're right. Roses too! Well, whatever it is, who doesn't love a little chocolate? :)

 Enlisted someone with very steady hands to help with some of it.
That means we have the other common good covered because he's making a dozen roses.
And who doesn't like to receive some pretty roses ?  :)

And alll the finished chocolate! Took a few hours, but the results were extremely satisfying. A bottle of red table wine was in order since it makes a great combination with chocolates and between tasting the different flavors, it makes it taste like the first bite again! Yum yum. 

and if we ate all these chocolates, well ... that wouldn't be fun eating them alone so they got packed up and are ready to celebrate with our offices! A box for Kee's office:

and a smaller lady version for mine. :)

      Happy Valentine's day !    

Buon Appetito~


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  1. this is absolutely wonderful yuri~! happy valentines day to you lovebirds~ *^^