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Funny word.



3 Different meanings:

1. Squash- v. to press into a flat mass or pulp

2. Squash-n. a game for two persons, resembling squash racquets except that the ball is larger and livelier and the racket is shaped like a tennis racket

3. Squash-the fruit of any of various vinelike, tendril-bearing plants

Being a food blog, you've already deduced it's the later. :)

Squash is much like the pumpkin and a perfect food for winter. Two similar squashes are Kambocha and the Acorn squash. You can tell the difference because the acorn squash looks more like an acorn.  

Mild in flavor but great for your body, these moderate priced vegetables are great things to include in your winter dishes.  

One way to eat it is a snack. Cut it in half, microwave for 5 minutes or until outer rind is soft. Add a little butter and brown sugar, put it into the oven at 350 with a little water at the bottom of the pan. 50 minutes to 1 hr later, it will be soft enough to put a spoon through it. Take out and eat! A healthier option is to bake it without the toppings and add honey before you eat it.

You can also put these things in pasta and eat it as a meal!  Grab some paparadelle noodles, add the squash, garlic, olive oil, onions, asparagus, pinenuts and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Instead of discarding the seeds,  bake them until they're crispy and add a little salt. If you've had pumpkin seeds, they taste much like them. Nutty.


Restaurant Recommendation:

Hudson Bread Co/ Breadman's Cafe
5601 Tonnelle Ave,
North Bergen NJ 07047

Great place to buy your bread and brap lunch. This place ships out their bread to places such as Manhattan's Ritz Carlton,Waldorf-Astoria and the Atlantic City casinos. The menu is limited, but the chicken pesto sandwiches on ciabattas that we had were excellent.  I am usually hesitant towards ciabattas as they frequently threaten to scratch the top of my mouth, but this one didn't! :)  Great place to sit on couches and study, drink coffee and chat. It's cozy 


Pasta making for lasagna

What a field day, but pasta making is taking less time as dues are paid to practice hours. Homemade pasta makes a huge difference in the taste of the final product, but sad, I forgot to take a picture of the final product. (doh!) but making good progress on perfecting the lasagna we had in Rome.

And another practice at the checkered cookies. Cookie baking is coming along slowly but steadily. As challenging as it has been for me, I am determined to be good baker. (someday) Our pastor mentioned today that, it is so important to approach challenges with the right attitude and confidence that you can do it.  So....I can do it!  *fist pump*

Tried the outline.

Made one that looked like bacon for the hubs.
Just as he likes it...extra crispy!

And I got a great new inspiration from making the checkered cookies! Though it may be the weekend or longer till I get to it, I am convinced that this idea will be pretty amusing. Hopefully it'll turn out as I imagine it and not as a total

 fLoP!  :0)

Till Next time, Bon Appettito!


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