Thursday, January 27, 2011


The brain couldn't produce a creative title today, but I suppose the little  ^  on the word crêpe can resemble the pile of snow on our roof. Snow day! First week of work and it's a 4 day week.  Is that good or bad?

After staying into the wee hours of watching the snow, hubs and I filled up on sleep. Now, watching snow is one of the most peaceful things, but sleeping-in is not easy work. The Lonely Laboring Lung is slaving away while all other functions except the occassional twitching muscle and for those who drool, the drooling,  are still as a rock. So it was off to the kitchen to fill our tummies that survived the piles of snow that fell on our house. Long stretch of sleep during cold weather and food replenishment...We sound like korean bears!

 Important note: Korean bears also sounds a lot like "korean pears".

Crêpes are French. The ingredients include flour, eggs, milk, butter and salt and they come in two types. Sweet,  crêpes sucrees and savory, crêpes salees. Put all the foreign fancy words aside and it's simply... a really thin pancake.

So we had sweet and savory crepes. One way to make a sweet crepe is to add some rum and vanilla in the crepe batter and finish with Nutella . For the savory crepe, adding some sage/rosemary and salt to the crepe batter and tucking away some chicken-pot-pie-like filing hit the mark. To make sure the crepes weren't mixed up, raspberries for the sweet and fresh parmesan cheese to the savory.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sweet and Savory.

Diner-style homefries made an appearance and of course, over easy eggs. The eggs didn't have such an "easy" time flipping. Look at their scars! Poor things, but rest assured, they are still filled with the yellow (korean) oozing soul. So there it is... brunch.

Add coffee x2.

and you have ....

Snow Day Crêpes: Brunch for 2.  :)

Bon Appettito!


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