Thursday, December 16, 2010


Christmas Cookies

This year, my friend Jenny had a great idea to make Christmas cookies. She came over with cookie cutters, frosting, cookie mix and all sorts of sprinkles! Here's what we came up with:

His mouth is under the scarf

This is what happens when one overlooks the icing process

Trying new things with the snowman silhouette.

Christmas Cookie Finale


A few days later, it was on to gingerbread houses! I got some recommendations on where to buy a gingerbread house from some of you. We got a kit from Bed, Bath and Beyond since it was the most convenient for us to get to.  Others have recommended Food Emporium, Whole Foods, Target  and Williams and Sanoma. They're all great, except that the Whole Foods kit was nice because it actually comes with a kit AND class for those looking for some tips. Thank you for all the recs!

There were three different kinds at BBB: a gingerbread train, a big gingerbread house and a gingerbread village. We chose the gingerbread village which allowed each of us to have our own house and some left over. They were smaller so if you are skilled with your hands as the three people I was making this with have, this one is great, but if not, the bigger ones are recommended.
We actually had a friendly weeknight competition between team 1 

and team 2.

We were on the honor system and the competition was on creativity and presentation. Guys won creativity, the ladies won for presentation (I think) :)

The candies

Frosting- We ended up using the leftover frosting and the sprinkles from the cookies a few days before along with these included in the kit. Supplies are limited in the package.

B's Gingerbread Church with "sun roof" and symbolic trees. The trees are supposed to resemble the blood of Christ. It also has nice shingles on the front of the house and an unreachable entrance only able to be reached, I guess, by the grace of God.

 K's Gingerbread House with Baby Jesus Nativity Scene. The door towards the back of the nativity scene is actually supposed to be symbolic of the church door to B's church above. Church and home are connected. Baby Jesus and the bull also have legs, arms, tail, and horns made of the longest sprinkles in the batch. The trees are the martini umbrellas covered with frosting.  

My Gingerbread Beach House



J's Gingerbread House with the cutest trees and snowman.
Cool silver bead door knob.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

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