Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A nice random day off since we're changing desks at the office and the movers are moving our equipment. It was sunny outside and the sun was streaming through the kitchen window, so it called for one of those TLC dishes infused with time. Last night, my husband and I caught a quick dinner in order to catch a presentation. We went to a local cafe that sells gyros and they had a soup and gyro special. The soup was red lentil. I got a new soup book at the Borders closing sale and Red Lentil Soup was marked off to make so it was a go. Post dinner, I was inspired.

A side note.. It's a rarity of a title for this post where the title fits to the post like a custom made shoe as this post. Why? :)  Incidental- happening or likely to happen in an unplanned or subordinate conjunction with something else.  Today's day-off wasn't a day off till my director's text this morning said "Hey Yuri! You can take the day off. The office will be slow with the move."  It was a little miracle to have the day off  today because my husband is starting a new position as well.  What a privilege see him off to where God will use him in the workplace in days to come. God is good...we thank him for all the small miracles.

So, the day off was incidental,  I decided to make the lentil soup and well....for those of you that know my husband, he looks at kiddos teeth all day. Therefore *drumroll*  Incidental Lentil. It works so beautifully! :)

So the recipe for the Red Lentil Soup calls for vegetable stock. It was a pass at the vegetable stock in the store isles and took a first shot at making it. It called for the mirepoix base of carrots, celery and onions along with some herbs to be brought to a boil and then left to simmer for some time on low. The recipe said to simmer with the lid off. Those are magical words to this stock.... The aroma that filled the house was so lovely. If that can't make a house feel homey...it's time to move! :)

So here is my first vegetable stock for my red lentil soup.

and the vibrant red lentils. If you asked me about that color, they look like a burnt orange.
Hook Em' Horns!

and while the stock was simmering, I made some quick hazelnut cookies. Some were baked, but most were rolled up as dough and put in the freezer for quick treats to bake in the days to come.
Tollhouse and Pilsbury, your secret is out.  :)

With the vegetable stock made, it was time for part 2 of the Red Lentil Soup. Would you know that this takes a little bacon? My husband must have been happy when we split up in the grocery store and his task was to find bacon amongst other things. haha. I noticed he got the low sodium kind while I was cooking which made me happy. Win win. :)

I'm not quite sure about my piggy though. I turned around to chop up some stuff and when I turned back around, there he was giving me the sad eyes...  

It reminded me of the movie, The Social Network. One guy was being questioned for feeding a live chicken some chicken meat as an initiation.  I told piggy he didn't have to eat it and that he needs to lose weight anyways. His waistline is always at 60 and he's wearing the measure around his waist. Piggy, time to get on the tread. :)

And finally passed all the fun....

Red Lentil Soup topped with a Parsley Cream and Crisp Shallots.
The stock makes a world of a difference in taste.

Buon Appetito!


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