Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Devoting time to read in the mornings before work has been a constant dedication, but it's quite pleasant and reaps its rewards. Nevertheless, it left me so beat with work and cooking each day that I was an inflated balloon shooting out air and up and up! during the week and when the air ran out, kaput! So saturday, I slept in and got some cell-level-life-giving sleep. It was good and much needed sleep. Ode to the sleep!

So it was the end of the week and usually, this is the time to throw together something for our tummies out of what we have. I had some leftover chicken breast so I chop't! the chicken, whipped up a pesto sauce, sliced tomatoes, shredded some romaine and piled it onto some bread. Our friends gave us a loaf of the asian white bread (thank you!) so the white bread got to be the candidate to receive a streaky suntan from the foreman grill. Into the "tanning bed" and out comes...oh lala!

And Saturday was a special day. Yes, Superbowl Eve which the hyped up football players, roaring fans,VIP national anthem belter and an awesome halftime show! But alas, there was a reason more important to than that. Please take off your hats and put it over your hearts....it was WORLD NUTELLA DAY! :) For those who have experienced Nutella at it's finest whether in crepes or on toast, you know the reverence. Perhaps the more proper way to show respect is to take the Nutella off the shelf, turn it into a cookie and let it sink way down in your tummy and reach your soul. Lo and behold, the nutella cookie!

As items of such sweet satisfaction don't come without trials, especially to novices like me, I couldnt' figure out how to give it the cracked look at the top. As the fruit of some dead end attempts, I knew it wasn't the proper way, but I found a way to make some cracks in my cookies. Right when it comes out ...SMOOSH!

and the results were quite pleasing! it had many delicious cracks, so many more than a girl trying to make cracks in her cookies could aks for! It is called the SMASH COOKIE.  I guess you can call the invention of the smash cookie a serendipitous moment. These serendipitous cookies traveled with us to a superbowl party and I put four smash cookies to see if they'd fly with a crowd. All four flew. woot! I think it'd still be nice to know how to make those cracks the normal way though. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help.


God has been in even a simple thing like baking. Baking has been challenging and quite discouraging at times... I actually typed up the above at an earlier time than this portion here on. Between then and now, something amazing happened. Kee and I celebrated our 35 months today and we decided to use one of our restaurant.com coupons at a restaurant in the city (will post about it next). I got there a little before Kee so I dropped in to get a manicure a few doors down. As I was getting a manicure, Kee walked in and waited on the couch. I was in a line of ladies with our hands in front of us like kangaroos, getting our nails made pretty.

There was a nice lady next to me who had her hair done and a lot of makeup and her hair done! She was getting her nails painted in bright red and she was talking to her manicurist. Red Nails was so kind. Red Nails asked the chinese lady manicurist how her day was going and the manicurist spoke of a long 10am to 10pm day. Red Nails said, "I understand. I've been working long hours filming." And it doesn't ring a bell to the manicurist lady when red nails says," I film for the Food Network". Whoa, hello. Red Nails and the manicurist reach a pause in their conversation.

I ask red nails what she does for the Food Network. I thought she might be in the camera crew or something, but she said she was the one who was being filmed, hence the hair do, makeup and manicure. I'm thinking, "Am I sitting next to someone big and oblivious?" So I proceeded to ask questions. Oh nice. What's your name? Anne Thornton. What show do you do? I do Dessert First. I'm getting a manicure next to a food network star...


I kept my cool (I hope) and not of a starstruck wanna-be baker and had a chance to share with her about this blog. ( I wonder if she'll read my blog , as big as a star that she is, haha ) We talked about my recent challenge of learning to bake and explained my big breakthrough. And she was so kind to give me a thorough run down of butter and not-butter and what they can and can't do, which of course was my long-time reason for floury cookies. In short, stick butter, for many reasons, is so much better says Anne. She shared that she had just done a recording of a dessert with Nutella earlier in the day airing in April. No way. So of course, I still had that pressing question on how to make the cracks on the top of the cookie. Who would have known I'd get the answer in this way??

Thank you God for your amazing and unexpected ways you teach me.  

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