Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Going out in the cold weather isn't ideal unless it's to play with snow. Other times, it's inside wearing the softest clothes under the warmest blankets that sound more ideal. You can't stay in bed all day ...well, actually, I know some that can, haha, but the kitchen is ideal favorite spot #2.

One of the things that I've finally solved is that mystery of the sugar cookie. Put your hands up in the air!  \0/  I've finally made some batches that actually taste like sugar cookies instead of baked flour. Nothing fancy yet. Gotta get the fundamentals first. My mistake was using the tub butter instead of sticks of butter. So batches of flour later, rest assured that I'll never forget: stick butter!  I made some traditional round cookies, but I also thought I had to make the other Chicken McNugget shape in the left bottom corner. Morphs a little during baking, but Ode to the Chicken McNugget!

And another practice at royal icing. Slowly getting there. This is taking some practice too, just like the sugar cookie. Slow, but steady. As long as we get there...someday. "Tie-riffic!"

Unlike the sugar cookie, the granola bar is a much easier undertaking. My husband eats these every morning, so I gave them a try to see if I could make them instead of buying them. Making granola bars is pretty versatile in terms of what you want to put in them. Next time, chocolate chips might be fun... or bacon for Kee.  :) 

And here is a quick and fun savory snack. Some time in early december, my friends and I did a food tour in Manhattan as a last hurrah for our friend who was having a baby soon. We ended up going to about 6 places throughout the evening into night, having a little bite at each place. One of the places was yakitori in a small and crowded place in St Marks. Fun atomosphere.

Pretty crowded huh? You can see the skewers that we ordered and there was one that I particularly had a liking for.

 I was shopping with my husband and as we were cruising in the frozen isle,
*angel choir music*
Into the cart.

I know, a little scary looking, but once you've tasted them you'll have a paradigm shift on these little yummies. Instead of making you cringe, you'll drool.

All that had to be done to these bad boys was to batter and deep fry them and put them on a stick. It was like clockwork for my husband when he saw this.

Sardine in one hand,  a beer in the other. He says fried foods go extremely well together. Though I'm not a fan of the juice, I had a sip while we snacked. It's actually very refreshing and helps the greasiness away.  

Food for thought:
The things that are the most beautiful cannot be seen...

They had caviar inside...


Bon Appettio!



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