Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Working Week's Dinner Menu

This week, I was back to the city to begin work with corporate GAP Inc.  It certainly limits time during the week for cooking, so being diligent to plan ahead is pertinent. Planning, shopping and prep took a little work on Sunday, but paid off during the week with easy and quick cooking.




Port Tenderloin. Making this used the practice of barding, which is basically covering the meat with some type of fat and putting it in the oven. It can be done with string, but we used the last of our string to go crabbing so toothpicks areused in the picture. Barding allows the flavor to seep into the meat as it's being cooked. Here, we've used Pancetta to blanket the pork. Pancetta is an Italian version of bacon. Pig in a blanket.



and today, my parents are coming so Kalbi Jjim seemed fit for the occasion. Mangchi actually said kalbi jjim was a dish served to kings and queens! They'd shave the veggies into little round circles for better presentation. My dad jokingly crowned himself and my mom the King and Queen in the past so this is quite fitting! :)  It takes quite a while to do so, but small and round potatoes do the trick, and unfortunately, there's no way around rounded off carrots.  After some long simmering and some carrot carving.....

Bought some better quality meat with some good marbling and you can definitely see it.

Made a whole pot so I am hoping for leftovers so we can shave off making a dinner for the week! :) 

So we got through week one of cooking efficiently, but the best part was my husband's suprise dinner! He had a day off so he took the liberty to use the kitchen. He said the inspiration came from something he saw on Man vs Food. Adam Richmond apparently went to a restaurant where they served a grilled cheese sandwich with 14 different cheeses in his home state, OHIO. (go buckeyes! ) 14 cheeses is a LOT! Kee got the right balance tho. He used cheddar, ham, and TWO veggies- grilled onions and tomatoes!  woot woot.

When I got home, I put my purse down in the room only to find a lonely pant. I made my way to the kitchen because the house smelled scrumptious, but when I got there I was shoo-ed off!

And after relaxing and being lost in the feeling of waiting for dinner...perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup (with basil picked off our plant) and a glass of milk. So good and hearty especially with the chilly weather we've been having. :)

For dessert, a sweet and juicy watermelon which we cut in half and scooped out with spoons. We ate a whole half of the small watermelon. 

and to make the pleasant surprise even better?

He did the dishes. :)


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