Sunday, September 26, 2010

Simple Sayings for Happy Little Things

Got a new teapot as a gift!

"Yessssss..." ~ Napoleon Dynamite

It's amazing how well the color matches so well with the background of this page. Hubs and I are definitely having a spot of tea in this thing tonight.

 The texture is nice. :)

A deep word of wisdom accompanying this picture?

Even broken things are beautiful...

But this teapot isn't really broken. haha.
Love the new teapot. Thank you~~~

and do you remember the lemongrass leftover from a week earlier's dinner planning?

 It was a curiosity to see if the cut stock would be able to survive and I left that entry with words of encouragement for my lemongrass:

You can do it, lemongrass!

Before we peer into that issues, it was a pretty windy day today and we had our windows open. We were taking nice sunday nap and suddenly heard a *CRasH!* in the kitchen. Getting up disoriented, I went to find that ALL my plants had toppled over from the strong wind! My babies.... but after thorough assesment of the situation, they were all intact and each only lost a little dirt, thank God. As I was tending to my plants and coaxing them from the fright, it was pretty discouraging to see the lemongrass starting to brown at the edges like a cavity ...


My husband told me maybe it was let it go. I couldn't really argue that, but after growing it for two weeks, it was hard to let go even if it's a tough little plant. But look what was discovered today.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in that action. ~Mother Theresa 

Perhaps it was feeling loved. :)

Bon Appetite!

Foodie Yoodie